Customers Comments

We LOVED the cake and the cookies were an absolute hit! We didn't serve the cake until after the event, as it served as the "centerpiece".
Would like the same order for this Sunday 8-), May 30th. That picture on the cake was the exact one we wanted but didn't know it you had it.
Your cake and cookies taste INCREDIBLE!! You rock. Thanks so much. Will talk on Saturday.
- Donna

Thank you for much for doing the cookies today – they were adorable and Noah loved them. I will let you know if we have other requests!  - Tracey

Thank you so much for the cakes this past weekend!! Everyone absolutely loved them!! I couldn't have been happier with both of the cakes you created - they were EXACTLY what I was hoping they would be!!
Again - thank you!!  - Jolene

Echo, you just read my mind. I was getting ready to jot you a note about how FABULOUS the cookies turned out. The cast and crew were stunned and LOVED them. Zoe was an absolute rock star to them when she handed them out. Thank you so very, very do a fantastic job!
One thing I would suggest is some stickers for the backs of those cookies with your contact info on there...I was asked over and over again where we got them!!
Until the next cookie/cake order....!
- Renee

The cookies were awesome and I loved the colors! My 5 year old has his birthday coming up in August so we will be buying some cookies for that as well. Everyone loved the cookies. In fact they all ate those before we even got to the cake.
Thanks for doing such a great job! - Tracy

Everybody loved the cake. They went around sticking their tongues out
afterwards to see who's was the bluest. Before I got to cut it, they each
picked a sticker off the side to eat. I thought we would have to arm
wrestle for a few of them. And the Army cookies went over great too. Best
of all was the chocolates. Anna ate all the extra ones. :)
Anna has already requested she get Spiderman cookies for her party. That
will be in March. I'll send you an order then.
Thanks for bringing them out!

Sarah loved it. She had me take pictures of it and she
has them taped to her bedroom wall. Not a picture of her and the cake.
Just the cake. She wouldn't even put a picture of all her friends and her
in her picture album. Just the cake.

- Heidi

The cake was AWSOME! I loved the fondant. It Went fast . Even people we didnt know were asking for a bite. We were very happy Thanks agian
- Christine

Echo, It was a crowd pleaser!!! My one daughter -in-law from Urbandale, but Waukee schools is going to order from you! My other one lives in Indianola. Everyone loved the chocolate chip!!!! and said the sugar cookies were terrific, too. They could not believe the price and all of the work you went to in wrapping and displaying everything.
Thanks so much.  - Barbara

Echo, we LOVED the cake!! everything i asked for!! thank you!! as soon i can get around to it with the holidays and everything, i will be sure to send you pics of both girls' events..also, planning to send you an email for a list of events we would like to book you for!
- Shahna

Echo -Thank you so much for the follow-up! We LOVED the cookie!! It was the one thing that had virtually nothing left by the end of the party! In contrast, out of a package of 80 hot dogs, there were 79 left! It was so cute and yummy. I've been asked by a couple of the guests to give them your email and website info, so I'm going to send it out in a mass email.

- Kay

Echo! Thank you so much! They were delicious. I really liked the caramel ones.... Not only were the cookies cute and delicious but your service is outstanding. That will definitely set you apart from the rest. I will be calling on you again - definitely! 

I know a spouse of one of our employee's took one of your cards as she is the president of the activities committee at her office.
Thank you so much,  - Amanda

Echo, The Angel cookie bouquet was beautiful! I had many thank you’s from all the gals at the daycare! They thought it was adorable! Thanks for everything!  - Beth

Great follow up! Yes, the cookie was awesome! I will be ordering more from you in the future! Thanks again for helping make Ryan's day a special and fantastic day!
- Jim

Echo ~
The cookies were great! A friend of mine commented on how much work you put into them with the ribbon, etc... Thanks so much!
- Melinda

Echo - AMAZING!!!!!! We love love loved it! Thank you so much for always doing such a nice job!! I saved your card and I will recommend you to as many people as I can!! Thanks again for delivering it! You really saved my butt!!!
Have a great day!!!
- Jamie

Echo -Everyone loved them, their little ones did too. I think the adults might have gotten a bite or two. I took a taste and they were really good. The birthday cake was a hit too. I've never had a party where we didn't have leftover cake, this time there was no leftovers. I'm not a big chocolate fan, but thought I might take a taste, not a chance, it went first. Maybe next time. Thanks again for adding to the order last minute. - ----- Jeanne

Thank you so much for the bouquet!! It is so beautiful and Syd loves it!!! I am sure we will be using you again soon for your cookies :)
Thanks again -Brenda

Thank you so much! The cookies & Chocolates are delicious and Nik was very surprised. :-)
- Stephanie

Echo - The cake was wonderful. We had lots of comments on it. Thanks again for
taking care of this at the last minute.
- Kim

Thanks again for the Cookie! It was a huge hit at the party; it was gone in no time! I am not even sure if Steve got to have any.  I think it is really great you are doing your own thing and loving it. Having a job you love is worth so much more!
- Thanks, Adrian

Echo – the cookies were a hit with everyone – young and oldJ My Grandpa thought that was the greatest gift – he was very surprised!!! and I will share your email with everyone I knowJ Thank you so very much!!!
I will contact you in the future when we need some more cookies!!!!Thanks so much

- April

Echo- As always, the cookie bouquet was adorable! Thanks so much-
 - Melissa

You did an outstanding job. I have received nothing but compliments about the cake. Everyone was extremely happy with it.  I would like to thank you for donating them to the lodge.
- Thanks, Terry

Thanks so much, my neighbors said they were adorable and delicious. She loved the snowman. Happy Holidays!!!!
 - Tina

They were wonderful. Thank you again. The other parents were impressed as well. They took the two business cards that you left. Hope you will get some more business. Thank you so much!
- Rochell

Hi Echo!!
Thanks so much again for the beautiful, delicious, yummy cookies! They were perfect!!!!! Macy loved them. They turned out exactly as she wanted them to and everyone loved them. I spread the word for you in the school office as everyone was wanting to see what I brought for treats. They all liked them and I told them how wonderful you were and all the many things that you do. More orders coming your way!

Thanks again!!
Hope you are having a great day!

- Lisa

Thank you so much for the donation of cookies for our Code 411 Program! We are so appreciative and thought they were wonderful! - Michelle

Michelle Lettington, Principal
Maple Grove Elementar

Echo- Thanks for the adorable Valentine's cookie bouquets and for delivering
them. Your timing was perfect!!! Maddie was so funny when she saw you
through the window. As you could tell, both girls were very excited to get
their FAVORITE cookies for Valentine's Day.
Thanks again - Melissa

Your cookies are amazing!!!! I have only tried the sugar cookie ones and tonight I am getting a choc chip one. Clayton and Ross really enjoyed them last night to. Clayton took one to school with him and Ross took one to work :) Anthony I know
really like his to he kept saying I cant tell you what it is but it is
so good lol and he was right!!! Thank you!
 - Jessica

Echo --
WOW...people had incredibly high accolades for your cakes this weekend. Everyone kept saying how incredibly good the cakes were and beautifully decorated. I made sure to tell them that you made them.
- Misty

I am helping organize a bridal shower for my niece and need to provide a cake. Would you be able to make one for me that I could pick up the morning of Sat., April 5th? I'm guessing it needs to serve 20-25. You did such a great job on my parents' 50th anniversary cakes that I would love to use you again if it works in your schedule.
- Lynn